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Consumers (§ 13 of the German Civil Code) have a two-week right of revocation. The Federal Department of Justice recommends the following sample, which was explained by some courts however for insufficient for instruction over this right. From there we inform you that the period begins differently than below descriptive at the earliest on day after receipt the commodity and the following instruction in text form (e.g. letter, fax, email). In the case of practice of the right of revocation the return takes place in each case on our danger.

Instruction on revocation

Right of revocation
You may withdraw your declaration of contract within two weeks, without reason, in text form (e.g. letter, fax, e-mail) or by returning the item. The notice period begins at the earliest on receipt of this instruction. The prompt dispatch of the withdrawal or the item suffices to safeguard the right of withdrawal.
The withdrawal should be directed to:

Dipl.-Des. Gabriele Laubinger
Deutsche Str. 4
44649 Herne / Germany
Fax: ( +49) 02325 988538

Consequences of revocation
In the event of an effective revocation, the mutually received services should be returned and any benefits drawn (e.g. interest) paid out. Should you not be able to return to us the service received, either in whole or in part, or only in deteriorated condition, you may be obligated to reimburse us for the value in this respect. In the event of provided items, this does not apply if the deterioration of the item is exclusively attributable to the inspection thereof, as would be possible were you to be in the retail trade. Moreover, you may avoid the obligation to reimburse the value by not using the item as your own property and by refraining from doing anything that might be detrimental to the value thereof. Items that can be sent by parcel post should be returned. Items that cannot be sent by parcel post will be collected from you. You are obligated to bear the costs of the return, should the delivered item correspond to the ordered item and the price of the item to be returned not exceed an amount of 40 euros or, in the event of a higher price, should you not yet have rendered the counter-performance or a contractually agreed partial payment on the date of revocation. Otherwise, the return is free of charge for you. You are obligated to fulfil payment reimbursement obligations within 30 days of dispatching your declaration of revocation.
End of instruction on revocation

The right to revocation does not exist in the case of the delivery of goods produced according to customer specifications, for example original designs or paintings which were made in their order.

Please avoid damage and impurities. If possible, please return the commodity to us in its original packaging including all accessories and all packaging components. If necessary, please use protective repackaging. Should you no longer have the original packaging, please ensure sufficient protection against transport damage via suitable packaging.
Please return the commodity as an insured package and retain the certificate of delivery. On request we would also be happy to reimburse the postage costs in advance, unless they are to be borne by you yourself.
Please call us prior to dispatching your return under telephone number +49 (0) 2325 988537 or send an e-mail us to, in order to notify us of the return. By doing this, you allow us to assign the products as quickly as possible.
Please note that in both previous sales are not the modalities specified a condition for the effective practice of the right of revocation.